This is my 24th year here at Edison. I have actually taught several of the teachers we have had here and who are now teachers on our staff. This year is my last. I will be retiring at the end of this school year. It has been a pleasure and utter joy to have shared the lives of so many children. 


    I absolutely love teaching. Nothing is better than watching a child grow into his or her voice as a writer and be excited about what he or she is researching and writing about. Over the years I have develped a system that works for me and my students. We begin with the basics and build from there. Critical thinking, thinking for themselves, and arguing effectively are primary goals. I also teach students how to get to the facts and to make decisions based on facts instead of emotions or what everyone else thinks. This leads to college level thinking and essays in preperation for college classes of all kinds.



    This year, the reins have been passed to Mr. Lavalette as the primary high school English teacher. I am working with the 7th and 8th grades for Language Arts. 


    7th and 8th Grade Language Arts:

    Reading and Writing have been combined into one Languae Arts class his year. As a result, the curriculum will change slightly from what it has been in the past. We will begin with review of writing skills and development and move into novels. There will be research about some aspect of the novel to gain background knowledge before reading the novel with an essay associated with the content. It could be a persuasive essay or a cause/effect essay. It depends on what concept I am focusing on at the time. All standards will be met during the school year.




    Family and Consumer Science is a program that Mrs. Brewer would like to incorporate as an option for future years. This year the 7th and 8th graders will have a one semester introduction to the program. This will be a series of short units of approximately one to two weeks each, so no more than nine topics will be introduced.

    The high school introduction course will depend on whether it is one semester or a full year.



    This high school class takes the place of P.E. It will focus on proper nutrition and exercise. Health and positive body image will be the main goal, but this is not a Health class and will deal only with nutrition and a healthy lifestyle to include the importance of some sort of exercise.




    The only failure in life is having not tried. Students need to know that it is good to try whatever it is their heart desires. If they fail at it, it doesn't mean they are a failure. My goal is to prepare students for their future, not a future set for them by someone else. I want students to be successful at life and as a productive citizen, whatever that may mean for them.