The January 2020 Monthly Board Meeting has been moved from the 15th to the 22nd.



    Resolution to Declare a Vacancy 

    Be it resolved that the Board of Education of Edison School District 54JT accepts the resignation of Cheryl McComb from the Board of Education

    Effective October 16, 2019; and


    Be it further resolved that, in accordance with state law, the Board declares a vacancy in this school director office that will be filled by appointment by the Board within 60 days in accordance with the following procedure:


    1.         Interested persons are invited to send a letter to the Board with a statement of interest and qualifications by November15th.


    2.         The Board will interview prospective candidates on December 4th at a public meeting.


    3.         To be eligible for appointment, a candidate must be a registered elector of the school district.


    4.         The appointee will serve until the next regular school biennial election in November 2021.



    School Board


     Current board members are:

        Mr. Glenn Marsh         President
        Mrs. Susan Belveal     Vice-President
        Mr. Mark Anderson     Secretary
        Mrs. Sheri Mohr         Treasurer

    School Board meetings are held every third Wednesday of the month beginning at 7 pm.  The public is welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings.