• Edison Middle School and High School



    Secondary Staff

    Mrs. Binkley-Jones, Math; Mrs. Brewer, Counselor ; Mrs. Sargent, English; Mr. Jones, Science;

    Mr. Jordahl, History, Mrs. Marsh, Social Studies, Mrs. Yoder, English & Drama; Mr. Golding, Shop;

    Mrs. Simkins, music; Miss. Campbell, Art; Mrs. Pesoli, Spanish; Ms. Hotop, Special Education

    Edison’s secondary consists of grades six through twelve. School year 2017- 2018 enrollment is 71 students.  Students at Edison work in their core curriculum courses and are able to select from a wide variety of elective courses: Spanish, shop, art, music, computer productions, drama and on-line courses. Secondary students are able to participate in sports and many extracurricular activities. They are fortunate to have a lot of teacher to student interaction with the smaller class sizes.

     To find out more specific information regarding individual secondary classes go to Academics and choose a teacher's name to gain access to their classroom homepage.