• Classroom Policy

    My classroom management policy will focus on that last term, “management.”  Most companies you will work for will have a manager or team leader.  The manager's job is to make sure you stay on task and perform your job well, so the customer is happy.  If you don’t perform well or make an error, you may be “written up.”  This may have a long term impact on your job performance reviews.  Your manager is also responsible for safety procedures and rules so that everything runs efficiently and smoothly.  Good managers foster a good work environment where you can get along and enjoy your job while staying on task, with little input from management.  My classroom should run as an efficient work place, I expect you to learn the rules and police yourself, with encouragement from me.  I do not want to micro-manage.  Please remember, school is your job, and should be treated with the same importance and respect you would give any other business.  Use this opportunity to learn correct procedures for the work force.

    1. Bathroom and other breaks are your responsibility, I expect you to take care of this on your time. In the event that you need to leave during class, please use the sign-out board.  Move your marker to the out column and write the time you leave.  Please be respectful and do not leave while I am lecturing or we are doing a project that requires your attention.  I will be monitoring your breaks, if I notice that you are gone often or for longer periods of time, you will lose the privilege to monitor your own breaks.
    2. Cell phones are allowed but need to be silenced.  As long as the cell phone is not directly interrupting the class, or the rest of the class, it is okay for you to have the phone.  If it becomes a problem, I will confiscate it.  I will let you know when it is appropriate to use your cell phone, at that point it needs to be on your desk in full view.
    3. Ipads and tablets will be used in class to participate in clicker activities.  It is important for you to follow specific rules while using them.   While they are being used they need to be on your desk in full view of me at all times.  If we are not using them immediately they need to be upside down on your table, your hands need to be off of the device,  I will let you know when it is appropriate to use them.  I will be monitoring your activity on these devices using a program called LanSchool,  if I feel like you are not on task or are accessing inappropriate sites you will lose privileges, at this point you will still participate by hand writing answers, or with a classmate.  I will be checking the history on the device, never clear the history, I will assume you are doing so because you were off task, and the same penalties will be enforced.  The length of time your privilege is suspended depends on the severity of the sites you were surfing, this could be from one week to the rest of the school year.  
    4. During the time when I am speaking, you should remain quiet.  If you have a question, please hold onto on to it, I will give ample time for discussion and questions during the lecture. This also includes any time your peers are speaking.  Do not interrupt other scholars, it is rude and disrespectful to me and your peers.  Just as you don’t interrupt your co-workers and your boss during a meeting, please do not interrupt me or the other students.  However, this does not mean that discussion is discouraged, as it is an important part of learning.  I do want to encourage appropriate timing so everyone may ask questions freely during lecture so that the whole class can engage in the material.
    5. During in class work (practice problems, etc.) you are allowed to work together on the problems as long as it isn’t explicitly copying each other’s answers.  I want you to take advantage of each other’s strengths so you can build on your own skills, as well as helping others learn different strategies in mathematics.  However, when it comes to an actual case of cheating, where it is explicit that I can see, I will request both students see me, separately, after school or during lunch.  I will expect each student to explain why they either felt the need to cheat/share their answers.  For each problem that cheating is evident or exposed, zero credit will be given for that problem.  However, I am willing to work with you if you wish to redeem yourself, with a make-up test after school.  Otherwise, you would be required to accept a zero on the assignment.
    6. Consequences to breaking the policies will result in you being given a verbal warning first, this allows you to monitor your behavior and make appropriate adjustments. If the behavior continues, I will put your name on the board, which indicates you have been allowed two opportunities to ma.  The final infraction will be a pink slip and note home to parents.  In most work environments, managers follow a much more drastic three-strike system: you are given a verbal “talk” or warning first, secondly you are written up for the mistake, and thirdly, you get fired.

     My classroom is very much a working environment, and should be treated with the same respect.   I am your team leader and manager, and expect you will treat me with the same respect.   Bad decisions in class will have the same consequences that they would at your place of employment.   I am asked several times during the year "When will I use this in the real world?"  As a response treating my classroom as a job/work environment should begin to prepare you to enter the job market in real life.